UK Tribal Fusion Belly Dance DVD, Volume One


On this DVD
• Performances from
  Fulya, Alexis Southall, Dawn O’Brien, Bex, Beatrice Flowers, Darkstar
• Instruction from Fulya, Alexis Southall, Dawn, Bex and Darkstar
• DVD introduction by Beatrice
• Alternative Camera angle options
• Running time Over 2 hours

UK Tribal Fusion Belly Dance DVD Volume 1



This DVD was produced by BDUK.TV, a small independent production company based in Nottingham, UK, co-run by Beatrice Flowers alongside Dug Robson.
We decided to make this DVD to showcase some of the best of the UK Tribal Fusion Scene, this is the first DVD of it’s kind to come out of the UK and we hope to make more. We watched a lot of Belly Dance DVD’s to see what other people had been doing previously with the editing style and one thing I hear a lot from dancers is that they like to be able to see the whole choreography so we decided to shoot the DVD in multiple camera angles and include an option to view each performance as a straight frontal shot so that the choreography can be seen properly as well as the DVD edit which is a bit more interesting to watch.

Each performance has a themed stage set although my own performance was really stripped down as It was actually an improvisation so I didn’t feel it needed much of a set. The DVD begins with Fulya, performing her Pink Panther choreography, a sassy burlesque inspired piece which she follows by teaching a combo from the dance.
Secondly is Alexis Southall with a beautiful fluid choreography performed to End Of The Month by Broken, which she also teaches a section from. Alexis had the most elaborate set, filled with sumptuous vintage trinkets, we even dug out an old grammar phone for this one. Dawn’s was the most amusing set, as she performed to Hayseed Dixie’s version of Duelling Banjos, so the set included barrels, gun cases, wellington boots, a rake, the obligatory banjo and a rocking chair which also features on the final performance, Darkstar’s Women In Black choreography, watching her from backstage darkness got creepier every take. Darkstar teaches some tutting combinations from her performance which I had a fun following during the filming. Bex only needed some candles and pumpkins on stage to compliment her Dark fusion performance, set to The Undertaker by Puscifer from the movie Underworld.
Bex’s tagline, Belly Dance with Battitude, has always been my favourite!

Bex, Bellydance with Battitude Tee-Shirt

Bex, Bellydance with Battitude Tee-Shirt

I still need that T-shirt! Fancy one yourself? Visit Bex’s online store

Second to last is me with my fusion improv, performed to a cut down version of a track by The McCarricks. I was the only one that didn’t teach, the reason was because I had to fly over from Malaysia to finish filming the DVD and complete the editing and I just ran out of time so we xopted to have me introduce the DVD instead.

I have had comments about the DVD having a ‘gothic’ theme, in fact this was totally unintentional. We selected a number of dancers that we felt had made notable contributions to the UK Fusion Belly Dance community and then asked them to join the project and it just happened to include some dancers that you might say are in touch with their dark side, I can definitely include myself as one of those! Tribal Fusion often attracts dancers who are also part of a subculture so although the DVD was never intentionally meant to be themed in that way, it was well received by the Gothic Belly Dance community.
Check out the DVD trailer!



darkstarDarkstar is one of the UK’s most celebrated performers of Tribal and Dark Fusion Belly Dance. She loves to use robotics, tutting and fluid stylisations to create dynamic, engaging routines. Renowned for her creative choreography and musicality, she often creates theatrical and emotionally charged routines to showcase the creative side of her dance. She has progressed to developed her own unique style termed ‘Belly Popping’, a fusion of Belly dance and Popping (a street dance funk style) which she has encompassed within a darker aesthetic.

Having taught and performed all over Europe and the US she has an extensive CV in all manor of events with particular performance highlights in New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, Montreal, Paris and Milan to name a few. Training intensively within Belly Dance, Tribal Fusion and Popping, she studied with leading performers in these dance forms and is now passionate about passing down her knowledge and inspiring students in these intense and captivating dance style. Aside from traveling all over the world seeking continued dance development her favorite training ground is Pineapple dance Studios, London’s leader in all forms of dance where she attends weekly classes.

Darkstar is the event organiser and creative director of Dark Britannia, Londons yearly dark and theatrical show and training weekend founded in 2012 which attracts dancers world wide. In 2013 Darkstar Dance company evolved, whereby Darkstar as the Creative Director and Lead Choreographer, produced ‘The Belly Dancer’, a 3 night show as part of the Camden Fringe Festival, which went on to be a huge success selling out all 3 shows and winning rave reviews from critics in the heart of Camden Town London. When she is not developing her own dance, travelling or running her popular events she teaches weekly classes in London and is always working hard to train her advanced student group and her semi professional group ‘Team Darkstar’ who are a dedicated group of dancers that have trained under her guidance for a number of years and are the future of our dance. Visit

alexis southall

Alexis Southall is a professional Tribal Fusion bellydance teacher and performer based in Wolverhampton, England. She is recognized for her deep curves, seamless flow and speedy, precise accents. Known for her generous, warm and inspirational teaching style, she has been praised for her technique, flawless musicality and innovative choreographies and improvisations.

Over the past 20 years she has studied various forms of dance. Alexis has dedicated herself to Tribal Fusion for the past 7 years, studying extensively with Zoe Jakes, Samantha Emanuel, Kami Liddle, Olivia Kissel and Amy Sigil, to name a few.

She is a Suhaila Salimpour Level 1 certified dancer, Level 1 & 2 certified in UNMATA’s Hot Pot ITS format and has FatChanceBellyDance® General Skills for ATS®. She is currently training for Level 1 in the Jamila Salimpour format, and believes in being a life-long student of dance and movement.

As well as her solo work, Alexis has collaborated with performers such as Martina Crowe-Hewett, Yahna and HYBRID Dance Project, and in 2012 she became a member of Ambrosia | Glam Tribal dance company.

Outside of teaching and performing, Alexis makes jewelry, organizes the Infusion Emporium festival in Wolverhampton, and is a co-organiser of Gothla UK festival.

With new projects and her dance continuing to evolve, Alexis is excited to see what the future holds, and hopes to dance with you soon.

You can find out more about Alexis at


Bex is an award winning, International Dark Tribal Fusion performer and instructor from the Black Country in the Midlands, UK. A lifelong member of the UK Goth Scene and ex-DJ for one of the country’s top Goth nights, Bex has been able to use her passion for exquisite clothing and alternative music to add a much spookier twist to Tribal Fusion Bellydance.

Bex is well-known for her blend of creepy characterization, spooky costuming and strong Tribal Fusion technique. Having studied extensively with teachers from around the world and in various styles of dance she has pioneered Horror-Psychobilly Fusion which blends her own preferences in traditional Horror and the 1940s and 1950s Rockabilly aesthetic with Tribal Fusion movement and technique. She utilizes her own personal style to create a visually spooky look with beautiful movement and creepy costuming.

Bex is a certified BlackSheep BellyDance Level 1, 2 and 3 Instructor and teaches both Tribal Fusion and BlackSheep classes weekly back home. She has performed with many groups and dance sisters including Alexis Southall, Tasmin Leona, Kajira Djoumahna, Khalgani (the UK’s first synchronized group for improvised Tribal BellyDance) as well as being a founder member of Dark Circus Collaborative – a Tribal Fusion Troupe based in the UK. She enjoys performing with and directing her student troupes, Lunatique, and more recently her BlackSheep Troupe, Iron Maidens Tribal.

Bex also organises Dark Tribal Fusion events and workshops in her home town and has taught and performed Dark Fusion Bellydance and Horror-Psychobilly Fusion to sell out audiences across the UK, Europe and USA. She is in demand around the globe for blending dark theatrics with strength and character as well as being an experienced and fully qualified teacher in Fine Art and Dance.

Bex’s workshops deliver sound knowledge in Dark Tribal Fusion. Her work and belief in developing the student’s sense of self and expression with individual movement through dance has led to her becoming a sought after teacher in Dark Fusion Bellydance.

Bex believes Halloween should be celebrated every day…

More information can be found at:

Fulya is a full time Bellydance & Burlesque teacher, performer, costumier and event organiser. She is well known as a fusion bellydance performer and constantly seeks to push boundaries and re-define her art.

Every aspect of her performance is carefully planned and constructed from concept to execution, all parts are equally important.  Music choice, costume, make up and even hair style are all carefully crafted to help tell the dances story and she enjoys every part of the journey.
As a teacher she is noted for being warm and encouraging, with an ability to break movements and combo’s down into easy and manageable chunks with many different explanations, methods of learning and plenty of vivid imagery. Fulya has been teaching since 2000 and holds various qualifications in dance and teaching, the most recently acquired is Trinity College’s Safe Exercise and Effective Dance Practice (NQF Level 5)

Fulya is also a musician and writes articles for various belly dance magazine such as Majency
She runs Kookie Kaftan Bazaar and “Bellydance and Burlesque” Shows with her sister Julie, And is the director of Tribal Troupe Tribe-ulations

dawn o'brienDAWN O’BRIEN of KHALGANI
Dawn began dancing at a very early age and has always been influenced by artistry, whether through dance or from visual pieces. She found bellydance in 1996 and instantly became hooked. Her dance philosophy is “What else can we do?” and is a theme that has continued through her
work to the present day.

Fascinated by the endless possibilities of the human form in dance, she has studied yoga extensively, branching into contortionism and enterology, martial arts and many styles of dance. Dawn has always considered herself to be a lifelong student and has trained with the elite within the fields of ATS®/SGI, Tribal Fusion and Egyptian Dance.

Inspired by many dance styles and forms of movement, she began pioneering Cyber Fusion in 2006, a dance style that fuses street dance, club and popular culture.

Dawn is a sought-after instructor and performer, her knowledge of anatomy and dance dynamics combined with an open and natural teaching style enables students to achieve their maximum potential during her classes and workshops. She has performed and taught internationally and
is a founding member of BAMBA, teaching Bellydance and Tribal Bellydance locally in Birmingham and Walsall since 2000.

Dawn currently teaches in the Midlands, as well as running sell out Drills & Thrills Intensives nationwide.  Visit

beatrice flowersBEATRICE FLOWERS
Beatrice began taking music and dance lessons in early childhood, trained in classical and contemporary Ballet for nine years pursued a career in music throughout her teens always keeping dance closely by her side, studying costume and choreography at college. In 2004 she began taking Egyptian style Belly Dance classes (Raqs Sharqi) and like many others soon discovered Tribal style, became hooked and has since been learning, teaching and performing with many highly respected performers around the UK and internationally.

In Feb 2009 Beatrice went to San Francisco to train under Carolena Nericcio on the ATS® general skills and teacher training courses at Fat Chance Belly Dance Studios, becoming Nottingham’s first ATS® certified teacher. After returning to the UK she founded the Nottingham Tribal Belly dance Company a sister studio to FCBD and became a member of ATS® troupe, Koyuki Tribal.

In 2013 Beatrice moved to Kuala Lumpur to set up Malaysia’s first FCBD sister studio, support and promote the local dance community and raise money for orphaned Elephants. Malaysia’s first ever FCBD sister studio troupe is called Khashada Tribal.
The Arabic word khashada means ‘congregate, collect together’ and then ‘gather together to help.’ Beatrice joined forces with The Middle East Dance Academy, also the very first dance studio of it’s kind to exist in Malaysia.

As well as Belly Dance, she has studied Ballet, classical Indian dance and Butoh and also dances with fire props, swords and Isis wings. Her personal style is a fusion of all of the different styles learned over the years, respectfully combining them as well as taking inspiration from many different things such as: film, vintage lifestyle and clothing, costuming paintings, music … anything can be an inspiration!

Beatrice has also hosted events such as ‘Shangri-la Lounge’ an annual Vaudeville Belly dance show in Nottingham, UK featuring top performers such as The Uzumé (NL), Horus Mozarabe (Portugal), Darkstar, Bex, Equador, The Wizard, Katie Holland and Moirai Tribal. The event also included a weekend of workshops. After 7 years, the final show took place in Sept 2012.

Other projects include Unit24 Productions and BDUK.TV, an independent production company specialising in film and photography for artists and performers, releaseing the first ever UK Tribal Fusion Belly Dance DVD in 2013.

Her mission: To shimmy around the world, armed with a big sword, huge skirts, pretty hair flowers and a coin bra. Gather as much dance knowledge as humanly possible and share these wonderful experiences with everyone she meets along the way. Visit


CREDITS: Biogs and Photos:
Fulya, Alexis Southall,Dawn O’Brien, Bex Beatrice Flowers and Darkstar

About Beatrice Flowers

I teach and perform Tribal style Belly dance, dabble with music, complain about humanity and blog badly, but I have a good excuse ... I am narcoleptic.

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