Kicking Social Media

Warning: Contains cynicism, disdain and expletives.

I used to be a member of a website called Facewhore, a social networking website that was aimed at the ‘alternative’ community,  in other words, your ‘Goths, Grungers, Emos, Metalheads or whatever you want to call us/them.

As with similar popular websites of today, you had a profile, an ‘about you’ section, your photos and comments, and this particular website also had a feature  that allowed you to collect ‘bling’ points from which you could gain ‘pimp  status’ – that enabled you to ‘own bitches’ who were members of your  ‘friends’ list. It sounds horrendous but I had fun. I spent many hours ‘facewhoring’ and to this day I am still connected with folk that I originally ‘met’ on Facewhore. Those were ‘the good old days’.

Skip forward to 2014. I have been a member of a certain popular social networking website since 2008. I succumbed to its evils, along with other vacuous apps and websites that provide similar ‘service’. Now we (to generalise the populous) have all heard about the evils of such websites and how they use and abuse all our personal information and yet, every day, we log in, we scroll and click away, liking random pictures of random shite, spontaneously commenting with over-zealous use of words such as ‘AWESOME’ in capitals to express how awesome the thing on which we are commenting is. (Guilty!) We add our two cents to online political debates, post our thoughts on various issues and express our disgust at the horrors of the world. It seems so harmless and it sure is easy to kill a couple of hours doing these things.

We post photographs of our personal lives, our friends, family, work, and events we have been to. We tag the other people in the photos so that they, and everyone else, are able to view what we have been up to.

Is it even possible to imagine a day without social media? And on those days when we leave our phone somewhere, the battery died or the internet is down … how do we feel? Are our lives empty and meaningless? We can no longer connect so effortlessly with our friends both at home and overseas. We don’t know what Dave from the place we used to work at is having for lunch today or whether Feruza from somewhere we cannot pronounce bought that outfit she had posted about. What if all our friends went to an event and we were not there … we won’t know if it was “AWESOME’ or not and we can’t inform everyone that the cat just peed in the laundry on a day when the water had been cut off (that was actually one of mine!)

I am a sucker for procrastination, I am the kid that went to tidy her room and ended up finding too many awesome things to play with in the process. I have a zillion ideas every moment and can never figure out which one to focus on, let alone how to go about making them all into realities. Social media fills this void so perfectly, it makes me feel like I am truly connected, like my brain is buzzing because I react with feeling to every picture and post I see. I ‘like’ things because, in that moment, I guess I liked it and I feel like I am busy and keeping up with the world and I know what is going on with everything and everyone. People comment on the things I post and ‘like’ my pictures. I am told that a photo is ‘beautiful’ and I feel happy because that must mean I am not all that bad-looking after all.

At the same time, my multifaceted personality along with my deeply cynical inner self are constantly telling me that this is actually a nasty vacuous hole that feeds on the weaker aspects of my personality while essentially sucking the soul out of my life and the brain out of my ears.zombie

As with everything in life, there are positive and negative sides to social media – I won’t go in to all of that, because I discussed the subject in my previous blog dated June 5th, if you care to know. So today, I was so bored that I keyed in ‘I hate’ and the title of the social media website I was using at the time. Low and behold, a group with that name exists and the double irony there is not lost on me.

I began to read the posts on said group and that inner voice in me began to speak loudly. My inner voice, by the way, is not only deeply cynical but  also inherently sarcastic. Not the type of mocking sarcasm often described as the lowest form of wit, no, the other one… the one that comes from having a slightly twisted sense of humour and a relatively well-scored brain.

I digress. This group was mostly as I expected, fairly lame and full of comments. Here is my favourite one ‘If y hate fb why you use it..-.-omg.. ?_?’ and the amusing reply ‘oh the irony!’ However, I found a couple of useful links that lead me to popping over to my ‘profile security’ and ‘privacy’ settings. I highlight the irony of those website functions, given their actual levels of security and privacy. From here, I was led to a site where I was given the option to select, from a massive list of companies, which ones I no longer wish to receive advertisements from (based on what I apparently ‘like’). To prevent these companies from asking me in future if I might want to ‘like this page’ or ‘view this product’ I am required to not delete my browser cookies and if I do so, I will need to repeat the box ticking process on this website.

After choosing the option to tell all of the listed companies to please fuck off (I wonder if it actually works)  I then proceeded to request a download of my profile content, which is the entire history since the account was created, including comments, private messages, photos, likes, shits taken and so on.

I am currently waiting for that to appear in my email inbox for further investigation. (Update, I never received that email!) Following that, I ended up in a place (within the website) that I had not seen before. Sadly, it was not a magical place filled with unicorns and bunnies, it was in fact a HUGE f**king list of apps and websites that had for some reason been linked to the social networking website in question.

Now, some of these apps and websites, I can confirm, were indeed linked by me but the other 50+ I can confirm were not, at least not that I was aware of. I proceeded to un-link and delete each of the items listed.

I began to look further in to the ins and outs of the ‘privacy policy’ and ‘security’, finding more than I wish to recall, but now I am on a roll … I then proceeded to write these very words.

I found myself once again, questioning the true value and the worth of social media. I ask myself, do I really need this – has it served any positive purpose at all?

The answer is that, yes, it has been the source and reason behind many important campaigns and yes, it is a great way to connect with people all over the world but I wonder, is it really worth giving away every piece of information about our personal and professional lives to advertising companies and bob knows who else? Have I really gained anything from being there? I have connected with over 2,000 people around the world, I have found students and fellow dancers to share my love of dance with, I am connected constantly with my friends and family back home in England who in ‘reality’ I would probably hardly ever hear from beyond the odd email, phone call or text.

I am torn between the good and the downright nasty sh*t that exists within social media.

What is the solution? Do I abandon the masses and attempt to ignore its existence? I wish I could leave it all behind and never look back, but the reality is it has me and you hooked and trapped. We need each other, even if we have never met and even if we would have never met and didn’t need each other before.

The truth is, we don’t really know each other, we don’t really care about what each of us is doing each day and we may have opinions about all of these issues that we are talking about, but the minute we log out, roll over and go to sleep, it’s all gone. The bad things aren’t happening on our doorstep… unless they are … no … they actually are! But we don’t need to really care, because we liked the post about the horrible thing that is going on. We sent a donation to that worthy cause that one of our friends is so wonderfully and passionate about … and we feel good because they are doing that and we took part in it via social networking.

It’s so beautifully designed to keep us locked in, logged in and completely tuned out whilst feeling well tuned in.

and my brain hurts because I have all these things reeling around my head and social media seems to have taken over our world to the point where our hands are on the keyboard more often than our feet are on the ground.

Are we doomed to a future where we disconnect from reality in order to connect? Has anyone actually seen Wall-E? #Pixar and are you f**king kidding me? Remember when MTV was threatening to brainwash all our children and dissolve our brains? …. ok so I survived that and my brain is intact. All the advertising I have been subjected to has not, as far as I know, given me any diseases. Maybe it isn’t so bad after all …. No wait… what was is that Bill Hicks once said?

“By the way, if anyone here is in advertising or marketing, kill yourself. Thank you, thank you. Just a little thought. I’m just trying to plant seeds. Maybe one day they’ll take root. I don’t know. You try. You do what you can. Kill yourselves. Seriously though, if you are, do. No really, there’s no rationalisation for what you do, and you are Satan’s little helpers, OK? Kill yourselves, seriously. You’re the destroyer of all things good. Seriously, no, this is not a joke. “There’s going to be a joke coming…” There’s no fucking joke coming, you are Satan’s spawn, filling the world with bile and garbage, you are fucked and you are fucking us, kill yourselves, it’s the only way to save your fucking soul. Kill yourself, kill yourself, kill yourself now. Now, back to the show.”  -Bill Hicks 

I decided not to censor the Hicks quote because censoring Bill Hicks would probably tear a hole in the time space continuum.


Dear Mr Web

Please could you turn off facebook, kill twitter, send pants to instagram, f*ck youtube, bring back my snail mail and those beautiful hand written letters with envelopes filled with glitter, crap stickers and friendship bracelets.

Love from Beatrice

x x x

PS. I accept that this is all evidence of my becoming a miserable old sod that just isn’t down with what’s ‘in’ and this is possibly to do with my inability to avoid indulging in pre-internet nostalgia.

PPS. Blogging is acceptable.



Rather than just ranting a lot about the perils of Facebook, I thought I would provide some useful tips on how to make FB a less spam-filled, phishy poo-hole.

DISCLAIMER I have no f**king idea if any of this sh*it actually works or if it’s just nonsense. Despite my desire to officially renounce my species, I am still only human! 😉

Anyway, try this

1) Click on the arrow, top right of your FB page and scroll down to ’SETTINGS’ on the menu on the left side of your page, go to ‘ADVERTS’.  Find Website and Mobile App Custom Audiences’ and click on ‘Opt out’ of ads that are selected for you by Facebook based on what you do on a particular company’s websites and apps off Facebook.

Find ‘How can I stop seeing these ads?’ Find ‘If you don’t want Facebook to show you ads based on your activity on an advertiser’s websites or apps, opt-out below’: select ‘OPT OUT’

2) Quit falling for scams by liking and sharing heart-wrenching photos that tell you to ‘Like this and cure cancer’ or ‘Like this and raise money to save this child. Liking a page will NEVER save the sick child, in fact the sick child, most likely has nothing to do with the page you are liking. This is called Farming and you are being suckered. By liking and sharing, you are supporting these creeps and making them money. Pages with lots of likes are worth a lot to advertising companies. These people create fake causes and stories to reel you in so you like their page, and then when they have thousands of likes, they sell the page on to advertising companies. If you want to know more about this Farming thing (which has nothing to do with Farmville although that is equally irritating and only slightly less harmful) Read here:

3) Don’t make your photos and info public. Please think before you share images of yourself with your friends and family. Change your privacy settings on each album or when you post a photo. Change the setting to ‘friends only’. FB also gives you the option to change the overall settings of future posts so that all your posts are only viewable by friends and if you want to make anything public, you can do so by changing that setting on the individual post.

4) Don’t waste your life scrolling your Facebook newsfeed, liking random stuff, constantly checking messages and posting ‘Wow that’s amazing’ on every god-damn picture your friends post. Yes, Beatrice I am also talking to you here (that was me addressing myself in my own blog)

Remember the good old days when we didn’t spend every hour attached to an electrical communication device? We used to read books, have real conversations, do something arty … or just waste the entire day on Atari/Sega/Nintendo or Yoyo, depending on when you were born

Leave the sodding house, take someone’s dog for a walk, put your feet on the ground … other than the floor in the kitchen and if it is rainin, go out and dance in it!

5) Quit thinking that you absolutely have to know what your friends are doing every minute of the day. It doesn’t hurt to log out, sit in silence for a little while and do some friggin’ meditation … or drinking, if you must!

6) Use your brain! Train your memory, improve your imagination and fill your flipping brain box with useful information and as much knowledge as possible. Read a f**king book!

7) Stay the hell away from 9gag and buzz feed etc. These websites are designed to dissolve your brain, it will slowly leak out of your ears over time!

8) Good luck!

  Image Credit: sonofamortician

Dear Ants

Dear Ants

I wish to express how much your presence displeases me. You are far too intelligent for such miniscule creatures.
This is unsettling to us humans. It is quite clear you have an agenda.
Since you are obviously so smart, you know full well that the home you have decided to invade, is not yours, it is mine.
I did not invite you, you are not welcome. Not only have you knowingly entered my home, but you take my things and climb all over my surfaces, swim in my cups and drown in my sink. That dirt on the floor in the corner of my kitchen, it is mine, not yours!  You seem to have developed some sort of teleportation device, I have seen you emerge mysteriously on objects without having actually walked across the room, I have been watching you, you cannot fool me. You parade under the guise of ‘searching for food’ but then I find you dipping and diving between the keys of my laptop, you have absolutely no business doing that, whatever it is you are planning, you can forget about it right now. You may be large in numbers but I have a variety of kitchen products and a hell of an imagination.  …. and that powder I keep putting down, it’s not sugar … if you were wondering why some of your pals hadn’t made it home, that is why. Yes, I murdered them in cold blood! If you want to live, I suggest you leave, otherwise, this is war and I am armed to the teeth. Your mandibles are inferior. March on, little ones or prepare to meet your soapy death.

Regards, Human

Why I renounced my species … and Jazz for cows

WARNING! This post contains a massive rant, censored curse words, talk about some really nasty things … and cows listening to jazz. If you are likely to be offended by any of the above please back away now!

Long long ago, in the days of Mice-Pace, I wrote some words, these words were my final status before leaving and never bothering with MS again. My final words on Mice-Pace were “I have renounced my species”

I often find myself battling with the idea and existence of popular social networks such as face-schmuck, twatter, instapants and others, to who’s ‘evils’ I have succumbed.

In many ways social networking is great. It allows us to easily connect with ‘like-minded’ folk, all over the world, to reconnect with old friends and stay connected with friends far away. We are able to create groups for chatting about specific things and plan projects and events and raise awareness about various issues. Everyone has a voice but therein lies the problem. Everyone wants to be heard, fair enough but sadly this opens the door to a whole world of bullsh*t.

As*hole culture also known as trolling. Selfie culture or the art of self obsession in the form of shoddy smart phone picture with pose that often took several takes.
For example: The duck face “look at me… so sultry and sexy” ridiculous pout, Fail!
The attention seeker: “Oh no, me with no make-up!” and the encouraging butt-licker: “You look so pretty!”

Then there are the food pics:
“Mmmm! yummy processed crap” … Or for the more refined foodies
“Mmmm! yummy grilled halloumi salad”

Am I guilty of ever taking a selfie? Hmmm? Okay, maybe one or two, mostly in jest, sometimes to send to a friend … or perhaps a lover 😉 Muahahaha

I have on more than one occasion, sculpted my veggie bangers and mash in to a smiley face and other things and then taken pictures. I don’t recall uploading them to anywhere but there is always next time!

Bangers, for those who are not familiar with the British term are sausages and mash is… well if you don’t know that, you are from a different planet where there are no potatoes.

I am also guilty of taking many cat pictures, in fact my cat, Wu-Tang in the UK even had a blog, she is a very intelligent cat! My cats in Malaysia, Monkey and Lemur have their own Instagram … and here I am blogging away.

One of my reasons for deciding to attempt bloggery again was to try to lure myself away from my vacuous yet alluring face-schmuck newsfeed.
I grow tired of ‘liking’ this and that, adding my worthless two cents to ‘angry about the government of. insert name of screwed up country here’
and taking pointless ‘which thing are you’ questionnaires that you can’t help but get sucked in to, and seeing horrifying pictures of slaughtered animals pop up amongst the cute cat pictures and baby photos.

Which brings me back to my original line of thought. The human race, the incredibly advanced species, the ones that invented wonderful things like: things on toast, stripy socks, the internet and cat videos. While I do rather enjoy a cup of tea with some toast, wearing a nice pair of comfy socks while watching cat videos, there are a ‘few’ things the human race is responsible for that I do take issue with. I won’t list them all but here are a few:

The usual nasty stuff: War, Animal Cruelty, Child abuse, Bullying, Genocide, Racism, Rape, Torture, Star Wars Episode I … the list goes on.

And now we have, as I mentioned earlier, internet trolling which is essentially bullying for people who don’t have either the guts or the air fare do it to your face. The phenomenon known as ‘happy slapping’ which is when a bunch of sick f*ckers attack another human being or beings, film the event on their knock off phones then post the evidence on to the internet. If there is any slapping going on it is not generally regarded as happy.

We live in a world where every ‘Tom Dick Harry and Jane’ has made a so-called Sex tape (although they don’t generally involve actual tape these days) but it seems to be everyone from so-called celebrities, to your next-door neighbour and someone’s Granny. ‘Insanely’ violent pornography is prolific, I’m not talking your ‘usual’ kink or BDSM, nope… but really nasty stuff that doesn’t look like it would actually be much fun at all … at least not for some of the people involved. Then there is the horrifying world of child pornography and real life videos of actual real people being murdered by other people and videos of people and animals being beaten and tortured, graphic images of car wrecks and footage of terrible accidents, all of which can be found on various websites where they are collected and tagged for all too see.

Perhaps human beings are cruel and voyeuristic by nature, maybe this is just part of our evolution. Beyond technology and a few human rights laws here and there, I fail to see where we have truly evolved, at least not in any positive way.

If you really want to know what the entire human race is up to at this very second, go and log in to face-schmuck, in fact I would put money (Monopoly money, not real money) on the chances of you already being logged in to that or something similar (not including this) right now. If not or if you don’t even have an FB account, then I am mistaken and I apologise.

Although, this blog does directly link to my face-schmuck page so the chances are, you are linked from there 😉

Hang on where was I? … What the entire human race is doing right at this very moment …

Okay, here’s one: go to chat roulette and tell me what you see … actually please do not do that! I already know the answer.

In a large slightly mouldy nutshell, humans are a bunch of self-obsessed, voyeuristic, violent, chronic masturbating, hateful, power-hungry, bar-studs. Some are super rich and powerful and spend all of their time trying to become even more rich and powerful at the expense of others.

Some have absolutely sod all as a result of this and will never get to read my rubbish blog anyway.

The rest… when they are not gossiping over an over-priced Starbucks latte or wanking on chat roulette, they are busy ‘liking’ pointless memes, containing sweeping statements about ‘the way things are’ … and this is progress!

I despair, I really really f*king despair!

Thank flump for cat videos!

While I was writing this, I decided to see who else on the internet had also announced their decision to renounce their species, which lead me to this video. This made me very happy and restored a tiny bit of my faith in the human race. Enjoy!

But that doesn’t change a thing.
I still renounce my species! 😉

Long live cats and elephants!

Freeloading Artists

I wrote the main body of this a day before posting it but waited to decide whether it was blog-worthy. This evening a good friend of mine posted a status on facemuck and has kindly allowed me to share it.

‘Definition: Asking people you don’t know for money, because you know they have it and you want it for something or other. Millenials call this Crowdfunding. Everyone else calls it begging.’  – Mr John Bowles

You may have heard about the so-called ‘Amanda Palmer kickstarter scandal’. This is not recent news but it popped up in my head, as many things do. In relation to my previous post which was all about my being ‘forever doomed’ to sport the styles of  hobo-chic, you might have figured out by now that I am a struggling artist. *cue sad violin*

I was once a struggling musician, but upon the discovery of Tribal Belly Dance, my life took a different direction and now I am a happy but not so wealthy, dancer. You could say struggling, but in my mind, the imagery that is summed up involves someone trying to wriggle in, or out of an ill-fitted outfit. That is not what I am feeling although those cheap outfits don’t involve the best cuts.

I just ‘insert favoured search engine here’ to read some articles related to Ms Palmer and the aforementioned ‘scandal’.
This is one article that came up in my search from


As stated at the bottom of the article, it contains corrections, perhaps because Ms Palmer is not really the freeloader they have made her out to be. That this was hyped up as some sort of scandal is quite ridiculous but in the spirit of ‘hop on the band-wagon’ journalism, it is not surprising that they chose Amanda Palmer as a target.

Forgive me if I have not included all the facts on the matter here, you are of course free to research the subject of your own accord. Admittedly I do not have all the facts and cannot speak for Ms Palmer. These are my own unfounded opinions, mostly invalid and based upon what my brain put together a moment ago … probably. I do enjoy a good rant though and some of the comments that follow the linked article are worth a read.

What really gets my old goat, is that they completely ignore the fact of the artists supporters, who are presumably intelligent people who are willing and able to make decisions for themselves. No one was forced to donate to her kickstarter. They were all free to do so by choice. Assuming they were mostly fans of the artist in question, they are most likely, well aware of her background as well as her current media status. It seems to me that all the people that have been angered by her actions, are perhaps just bitter and jealous that she actually had the balls to go and ask ‘the people’ instead of sucking corporate penis like everyone else. Maybe in the eyes of those people, she is a cheap-assed freeloader. Personally I would rather be labeled as that, than be guilty of allowing the corporates to insert themselves into the anus of my artistic integrity. And they have also totally failed to consider the fact that some musicians actually enjoy making music and working with other artists.

As one of the articles comments says: ‘Do you realise that musicians simply jam with other musicians for no pay? It is called fun. Some might even call it honing their craft. And many musicians are quite happy to heed the request of folks at a party or event (even an event where staff are all getting paid hourly) and play a few tunes. It’s called sharing. It’s called bringing joy to others with your music and your talent. We don’t always expect payment.’ – Zanebeck

Bearing in mind that such activities cost money, especially if they involve travel . I assume that the money was raised to cover those costs incurred and that no supporters were harmed in the process.

The following article on, discusses the subject in an amicable fashion and begins with some details about the ‘case’ for those who are interested.

Policing Amanda Palmer: How Crowdfunding has changed expectations for artists
By Tasha Robinson and Marah Eakin. Sept 24, 2012

One of the writers mentions: ‘I recently interviewed Palmer, which involved a lot of reading about her backstory, and her lengthy history of inviting theater students to come to her shows in costume and interact with the audience, and inviting other musicians to come play with her when she was in town. So when this whole flap started up, I wasn’t sure what the big deal was. She’s doing what she always did, right? Were people just not aware that this was nothing new for her?’  – Tasha Robinson

My own introduction to Amanda Palmer was through the band The Dresden Dolls, I was introduced to their music by a friend and subsequently went to see them in concert in Birmingham, UK. With support from Devotchka and Junk percussion duo, Bang-on. Although I find some of the Dolls music a little bit OTT at times, I have always chosen to overlook my initial reactions and go with it, ignoring any voices in my head that say things like ‘It’s so artsy-fartsy’ or ‘isn’t it a bit pretentious?’ The answer is yes perhaps, but I happen to like a bit of artsy-fartsy and the feeling of it being pretentious often goes with the territory. I find that open mindedness and acceptance is the key to enjoying things thus.

Although I have not avidly followed her more recent music projects, I have followed her on various social networking platforms and I do rather enjoy her in the form of bloggery. I may well get round to catching up with the music side of Ms Palmer, in fact upon writing this I will indeed now make a mental note to do so.

I am wondering what the non-journalist, bias free members of the public think about the subject of artists fundraising in this fashion. I certainly wish I had the guts to attempt such a feight although my following does not match the likes of Amanda Palmer so it might prove much less fruitful. It would be wonderful to do a collaborative effort and create a dance exchange for ATS troupes and Tribal dancers around the world. Upon this note, off I go now to daydream about that.

Your thoughts whether completely random and unrelated or not, are most welcome!

Mr Bowles, I already know your thoughts on this subject. Thank you, dear 😉


Tasha Robinson, Marah Eakin:
Joshua Clover:
John Bowles: Entrepreneur and Fashion Icon

Hobo Style

I just read that 90’s fashions is ‘hitting the runways’ this year. Finally my wardrobe is up to date again. It took twenty years but I hung in there. Sadly most of my clothes are full of holes… no wonder the cool kids don’t hang out with me… just kidding, I ‘am’ the cool kids! So, i will be fashioning the same old ‘hobo chic’ and anyone without a brain will think it’s some sort of fashion style and do the same.

High-Fashion, Hobo Chic

Are you for real?

You know what? I am glad I never gave a toss about fashion, I wear what I like … Actually that’s not really true, I wear what I can afford, it’s cheap shit and lasts 5 mins.

How I select what I am going to wear from day to day is, what doesn’t smell bad, what doesn’t make me feel like a whale and if I am hanging out with ‘respectable well dressed folk’ whatever has the least holes.

I would love to wear beautiful vintage styles and have lovely styled hair each day but:
A) I have never and most likely will never have any money.
B) I dislike the idea of being boxed and labeled ‘hipster’ or whatever the latest word is for whoever is wearing whatever …  and
C) I just don’t give enough of a damn to keep it up for very long.

And so, I am forever doomed to sewing the holes in my clothes every time I wear them. Check my awesome hobo style!

Oh dear! I just realised that I have probably generalised a whole lot of people who are unfortunately without homes and may have offended some other people that are not ‘those people’ but nonetheless, feel they should express some sort of concern. Luckily it’s ok because this is ‘my’ blog.
I currently don’t have many (if any) readers. Therefore no one will see this and no offence was taken. If there were any readers, I would say to them, once again, this is ‘my’ blog, it is a stream of my consciousness, my brain is full of a lot of rubbish and it is currently being spewed out as these very words, they are not filtered and even I wouldn’t trust the stuff that comes out of my brain!



Credits: Milan Fashion Week – Vivienne Westwood

Still rubbish at bloggery!

It has been ummm … over a year since I posted here. Anyone familiar with my old blog will know all about my blogging skills, or lack thereof. Having a number of facemuck pages to maintain, various websites, twatter, instapants and pootube and so on, is already quite demanding, for anyone, let alone a person with narcolepsy, which is on it is own already a pretty good excuse for my poor attempts to blog. Many of my blogs have in fact been just like this, apologies for being rubbish at bloggery. So why don’t I just give in and get rid of the blog? For a number of reasons, to do with my inability to accept failure, a passion for perseverance and also because I believe in my heart that some day, my blog will be all the rage, my blogging will be prolific, exciting and insightful. Whether this belief is in fact a delusion, will only be revealed through the passage of time. Judging by past attempts, admittedly it is pointing more in the direction of delusion but I’m not one to accept defeat, especially when there is no opponent to speak of other than myself in which case, success or failure depends totally on what mood I am in on any given day.

Today I am awarding myself ‘win’ points for successfully logging in and getting this far. Here’s to a future of outstanding blogging! Hopefully not out-standing in the sense of being absent. In the meantime, you can find me on a number of other popular social networks.

UK visit

Hello, am back in the UK for a 3 week visit in May, hoping to do some dancing while I am there, if anyone is hosting any shows I can gatecrash do let me know! I will be available for private tuition during my stay if anyone would like to book a lesson with me please get in touch!

Welcome to my new blog! :)

Welcome to my new Blog.

I am moving from my old Blog which you can read here

I moved from the UK to KL in January 2013, my mission is to support and promote the local Tribal Belly Dance community and the extended dance community. I am looking forward to meeting and working with lots of new dancing buddies here!

I am teaching classes, private lessons and workshops and hope to be performing lots!

If you are interested in attending some lessons with me please contact me at
or Whatsapp me on 00447736929018

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